Thursday, September 6, 2007

I Love Tivo

It might be the greatest invention ever. I got it last year, and the ways to use it keep surprising me. About 2 years ago, I used to need 2 different VCRs going at the same time to tape different programs on at the same time and the same night. Then you would get the tapes confused with each other, and sometimes it wouldn't tape because whoever set it up didn't rewind the tape all the way before we hit record. But not anymore with Tivo. It can record 2 shows at the same time. It can even do this in HD, which is truly amazing. Or you can just record one show while watching a different channel. This is good if there is sports on or something else you want to watch, but not record. What is great is that you can set it up to only record new shows also, so it doesn't waste your time by recording repeats. But recently someone told me I should get Chriss Angel's Mindfreak on DVD. It would have cost about $60. Instead I set up the Tivo to record all the episodes whenever it is on. It will record new ones along with the repeats. And since doing that, I have seen about 30 out of the 50 episodes. It will record them even when I don't know they are coming on. Sometimes they have a marathon, and I will get about 6 on my Tivo without knowing. And can watch them whenever I want. Just like the DVDs, only minus the price. If you do not own a Tivo yet, I suggest you get one soon.

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