Wednesday, September 19, 2007

5.8 GHz

I have had a laptop for about 2 years now. And ever since I first got it, I would always be kicked off the internet whenever our phone rang. It was very annoying. So I went to Best Buy, and asked them if they knew how to fix it. They said I needed a filter to plug any cordless phone into the phone jack. But this did not work. So I finally took the cordless out of my bedroom, but we still had about 4 other cordless phones in the house. Once the phone was out of my room, it got a little better. But I noticed that sometimes it would still kick me off. I narrowed it down to a single phone in the living room, but did not know if that was the only one for sure. Then I was reading in our textbook last week how phones with 2.4 GHz are on the save frequency as a wireless connection to the internet. And that the new phones use 5.8GHz and do not interfere. And sure enough, the phone I used to have in my room and the phone in the living room both use 2.4. So this weekend I got rid of the phone and bought a new 5.8 one, and I haven't been kicked off yet. Now all 4 of our cordless phones are 5.8, and I can even talk on the phone in the same room as the computer now.

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